Take it personally!


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Everyone likes to feel special, loved, wanted... I mean who doesn't?! This is so important in the world of work and studies show that employees who feel valued and appreciated can be up to 50 percent more productive (and happier). On top of that, appreciated employees have higher morale and satisfaction, leading to lower rates of turnover.

If you're not appreciated at work, you'll get less work done, you'll be unhappy and your entire environment may become less conducive to collaboration and productivity.

So why not sure your colleagues, employees and clients how valued they are? Here at SVC Creative, our key motto (and the reason behind the 'SVC' part of our name) is 'Service, Value, Commitment'. This not only applies to our clients, but to each other. If we cannot provide these key values to each other, they are almost guaranteed to not shine through to our clients.

We are proud to show off our new range of items that can be not only branded, but personalised too. Even gift wrapped!

So they aren't just special because they are personalised (and look pretty smart too!) but they are kind for the environment too - you can't get much better than that! For more information on the products above or for any other branded requirements, please feel free to contact us!



  • I've worked with SVC Creative for five years, and have always received exceptional customer service and high quality products.

    Lauren Bigland


  • SVC have made ordering our merchandise so simple and easy over the last two years. Their service is second to none and the personal touches applied by the team build a great rapport. No idea is too wacky for them to look into (I have asked a few!) and they have always come back to me with options. Their catalogues always provide good, cost effective options.

    Faith Otunnu

    London South Bank University Students' Union

  • SVC Creative have been supplying branded merchandise to National Locums for 6 years. Abbey and John are an absolute pleasure to work with, whilst always doing their utmost to ensure our merchandise is at the highest of quality. They are prompt with replying to orders and are great with suggesting different ideas that we could use as a company. I would recommend these guys to any company who want eye-catching merchandise to reflect their brand!

    Nicola Cook

    Nation Locums