Our First Trade Show of 2019!


Our First Trade Show of 2019!-image


SVC braved the warnings for snow and visited the Merchandise World trade show on 31st January in Coventry! Trade shows are a great way for suppliers to showcase their products and for companies like SVC Creative to meet with new suppliers, maintain relationships with existing ones but most importantly to increase our product knowledge.

Our First Trade Show of 2019!-image

Whilst there were new products and upgrades to existing products, we noticed a huge shift towards eco friendly, sustainable, recyclable products. Recently, we have seen an increase on focus with enquiries to us for products that are either made from recycled products or are recyclable themselves, therefore we were particularly interested in seeing what items were on offer and learning about how they can impact the environment in a positive way. The media have been reporting on how much plastic is affecting the oceans and in turn the animals and it is obvious that this is really hitting home not only for individuals but for businesses also. It appears that corporate companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint by going paperless or seeking alternatives to the products they use.

Here are SVC Creative, we strive to source the products that you require without you having to do the hard work! We are always increasing the products that we can supply and whilst you may want to find items that are brand new to the industry, we understand that you may still require the more common items such as branded pens and sweets but are worried about how much plastic these products will use. Well, we are pleased to announce that we spotted many products in Coventry that are plastic free and recyclable and most importantly, they won't break the bank even if you have a small budget.

Below are just some of the examples of the eco friendly products we have on offer but there are plenty more- just ask us for more information!





Carrier bags made from sugar cane!


Sweet pots - made from compostable pots that will compost in 12 weeks once thrown into your food waste recycling! Made from plant materials not plastic!






Carboard ballpen


Eco Wood Sunglasses





Contour Wood ballpen



This is just a small amount of products that we have to offer, please contact us with your requirements, we look forward to hearing from you!

Our First Trade Show of 2019!-image



  • I've worked with SVC Creative for five years, and have always received exceptional customer service and high quality products.

    Lauren Bigland


  • SVC have made ordering our merchandise so simple and easy over the last two years. Their service is second to none and the personal touches applied by the team build a great rapport. No idea is too wacky for them to look into (I have asked a few!) and they have always come back to me with options. Their catalogues always provide good, cost effective options.

    Faith Otunnu

    London South Bank University Students' Union

  • SVC Creative have been supplying branded merchandise to National Locums for 6 years. Abbey and John are an absolute pleasure to work with, whilst always doing their utmost to ensure our merchandise is at the highest of quality. They are prompt with replying to orders and are great with suggesting different ideas that we could use as a company. I would recommend these guys to any company who want eye-catching merchandise to reflect their brand!

    Nicola Cook

    Nation Locums