Are you sporting ready for 2019?


Are you sporting ready for 2019?-image


Sports events seem to be getting increasingly more popular in the UK. Perhaps this is due to social media and media in general spreading the news more widely? Also, with government get fit incentives to better health and wellbeing, sports seem to be at the forefront of our attention. Companies are also getting their employees involved in team games and team building exercises for similar reasons.

So how can you get involved? Below is a list of some of the major sporting events coming up in 2019. Will you as a company be celebrating with employees and getting in the spirit to support your favourite teams and countries? Perhaps you are organising a sponsored run or charity football match with employees?

Grand National - 6 April

Golf Master - 11-14 April

Boxing World Heavyweight Title Fight - 13 April

Women's FA Cup Final - 18th May

FA Cup Final - 18th May

Cricket World Cup - 30th May

Football Champions League Final - 1 June

Women's Football World Cup - 7th June

Tour de France - 6-28 July

Formula 1 Grand Prix - 12-14 July

Netball World Cup - 21st July

Cricket Ashes Test Series - 1-16 September

Rugby World Cup - 20th September

Athletics World Championships - 28 September

Sporting events are a great way for a company to get their brand a lot of recognition and exposure. The larger the event, the more people attend and therefore the more people you can reach. Let's face it, who doesn't love a freebie? Then when the event is over, the products, if chosen wisely will get reused and your company name and logo will be a constant reminder, generating business - it's a win win situation or should we say a trophy finish!

So, how can SVC Creative help? We have a number of products suitable for sporting events - most recently we have supplied cow bells, loud speakers, banners, footballs, bang bang sticks, hand waving flags, table tennis sets to name a few. All of which can be branded. But don't forget, everyday items such as bags, especially reusable ones are so useful and well received. Even more so now that plastic waste is at the forefront of all our attention at the moment!

If you have an event coming up or just want to promote your business during a major sporting, perhaps you are sponsoring a local marathon or sporting event - please get in touch ahead of time so that we can discuss your needs. The possibilities are endless and we will work hard to providing you the right merchandise to fully support you.











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  • SVC have made ordering our merchandise so simple and easy over the last two years. Their service is second to none and the personal touches applied by the team build a great rapport. No idea is too wacky for them to look into (I have asked a few!) and they have always come back to me with options. Their catalogues always provide good, cost effective options.

    Faith Otunnu

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